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End of The Trail LTC Course

-El Paso, TX    

Karl Meier - Instructor


Phone: (915)201-7490

NRAInstructorPM, handgun instructor



This LTC Course is offered several times a month.

Prior registration by phone or e-mail is requested.

Please call for class schedules.

LTC classroom time is 4-6 hours

Range time as required

LTC Course Fee - $50 - Cash Only

*Applicant(s) are responsible for any range fees that may apply.

Military personal with a M-9 pistol qual card (last 10 years) Course Fee $50.00.

No shooting required.

Classes held the 2nd & 4th SATURDAY of each month at 9:00 am

at The VFW Post 8550,

4714 Titanic Ave., El Paso, TX 79904

El Paso, Texas

You Can find all eligibility requirements in the Government Code: State Statue 441.172

Application Process: The first 4 steps may be completed in any order...

• Apply Online

• Download all supplemental forms

• Schedule Electronic Fingerprints

• Complete LTC Training Course

• Submit to DPS for processing


-Private LTC Classes are available Tuesday through Sunday, upon request.

Your house, your friends or your guests. The course is between 4-8 hours.

-"Learn to shoot" and "Safety Courses" are available upon request.

Additional Information and Requirements

Student must provide the following equipment:

  • A semi-automatic or a revolver handgun

√ Must be in good working condition

√ Handguns are subject to inspection by the instructor prior to training and at any time during the training course

√ No optical sights allowed (exp: scopes, laser, or holographic)

√ No Handgun may have any modifications which compromise the safety of the weapon

√ If using a revolver no "push off" on single action

  • Ammunition

√ Reloaded ammunition is NOT allowed

√ Must have a minimum of fifty (50) rounds

  • Protective Gear

√ Ear Protection; Eye Protection (prescription eyewear is acceptable)

√ Handguns and ammunition can be rented for $15.00

A written examination will be administered to each student. Students must score a minimum of 70% on the written examination in order to pass the course.

Instruction on handling handguns at the proficiency demonstration will be provided during classroom training. **holsters will not be used, handguns must be stored in a closed carrying case/bag.

We Support The 2nd Amendment

Karl Meier

U.S. Marine Corps Retired

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